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Buy and Sell Ethereum with our Trustless P2P No KYC Exchange. By combining the power of decentralized technology with secure trustless smart contracts is able to offer a secure fiat to Crypto Exchange Platform that can be used without KYC.

All you need is an Email Address, Contact Number and Ethereum wallet. Use metamask or any dapp browser to connect directly to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Build your reputation and exchange with people all around the world.

Make buying or selling Ethereum both a seamless and secure experience. We take careful measures to ensure that your Ethereum is safe. Secure Smart contract escrow is an important security measure against theft or loss.

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Buying or Selling.

Check the latest the “offers” in the marketplace. Anyone in the world can post a bid to buy or sell ETH. From bank transfers to gift cards— Many payment methods allowed.


The seller first puts the ETH in the P2P Contract, the buyer pays the seller outside the platform. Payment details are discussed using encrypted messages. Only when the seller has confirmed payment will the ETH be released from the P2P escrow contract to the buyer.

Start a Trade

When you have found the desired offer in the marketplace you can open a trade with the user. Choose the amount you want to buy or sell, at the secured rate.

What is P2P

About P2P Exchange

‘Peer-to-peer’ (P2P) or ‘decentralized’ exchanges are operated and maintained exclusively by software. P2P exchanges allow the participants of the market to trade directly with each other without any trusted third party to process all trades.

Smart contract Peer-to-peer exchanges were a natural development of the concept, aimed at eliminating some of regular centralized exchanges’ limitations.

These smart contracts can not be stopped by any government or authority.


Decentralized is Better!

Inddex is a non-custodian decentralized P2P exchange that cannot be stopped or shut down by any country or regulatory body, it is the first Smart Contract based P2P Exchange that pays fees back from the exchange to shareholder’s. All Smart contracts are verified and secure on the Ethereum blockchain.

Safe & Secure
Powered by ETH
Easy Payment
Instant Withdraw
Smart Application
Smart Contract Profit Distribution System P2P EXCHANGE

Shares & Earnings

INDDEX shareholders earn from every trade made on the platform. With our smart contract managed profit distribution system, payments are made in real time & directly in Ethereum.
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Reinvest or withdraw earnings

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1% of all Ethereum traded on the P2P exchange is distibuted back to INDDEX shareholders.

your experience.

Connect your Mobile Directly to the Ethereum Blockchain.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I change my username?

We do not allow people to change their username. The reason for this is to prevent reputation-transfer abuse; i.e. it's not possible to transfer reputation to a new username, nor avoid negative reputation linked to your name. Reputation is linked to your wallet address for added security.


How do I connect my wallet?

You can link your Ledger, Metamask, Trust wallet and many more directly with our website interface.

I’ve sent my ETH to the wrong address. Can you recover it?

Ethereum transactions are not reversible. There is no way to recover transactions sent to the wrong address. It is important to always check the wallet address before sending.


How will I know if I have a trade?

You will be notified via e-mail for each new trade. You can see active trades in the my account section of the website.

Why has my trade count decreased?

The statistics algorithm will automatically discount trades from users who are permanently suspended from the platform. This means that if you traded with a user who was later banned -- likely due to suspicion of fraudulent activity -- all feedback associated with the user, both given and received, will be nullified.

This measure is to prevent malicious reputation-boosting tactics by malicious users.

I released the escrow by accident. Can you reverse the transaction?

When an escrow is released, it is final. There is no avenue for recovery as we do not hold any of your ETH at any time. You are dealing directly with the Ethereum blockchain, and it’s not possible to call back an Ethereum transaction.


A trader is telling me to send them money before I can see the ETH in escrow.

If the ETH is in escrow, it will say so. In times of congestion, transactions may take longer, however you should never send anything without first seeing the ETH in escrow. You can view the status of the trade in your account on the dashboard.

A trader is pressuring me to release the escrow.

Under no circumstances is it OK to pressure another user into releasing the escrow early. Please open a payment dispute via the “Open Dispute” button.


I opened a payment dispute. What happens now?

An arbitrator will contact you and help work through the trade with you and the other user. All messages are between you and the arbitrator only.

An arbitrator may ask for:

  • Proof of purchase (e.g. a screenshot showing your payment)
  • Proof of having not received the funds (e.g. a recent statement)
  • Proof of ownership of the account
  • Any confirmation e-mails regarding payments
  • Anything else that will help an arbitrator make the correct decision

I opened a trade but the other user has not responded.

If a user has not responded, you can close the trade. After a short while, an offer by a non-responding user will be put on hold automatically and the user will need to manually restore it.

If you have opened a trade outside their standard operation hours then you will need to be patient and wait for a response.

I reported another user but haven’t heard a response.

We inspect the trade and the reported user, and we may take action by suspending the account. It prevents the user from opening new trades, and nullifies their feedback, both given and received.


How much are the fees?

Inddex charges a flat 1% fee for the maker (the person who placed the offer listing) and 1% for the taker (the person responding to the offer). 100% of the taker fee is distributed to the INDDEX shareholders.

The buyer will always receive small amount less than indicated, this is the gas fee for the contract execution which is charged by the Ethereum network.

What is gas?

Every transaction on the Ethereum network involves a cost that is paid to the miners. These transaction costs are called "gas" and the price of gas typically depends on how congested the Ethereum network is. This is an unavoidable property of the Ethereum blockchain.


How is the share price calculated?

The share price is determined by the smart contract based on supply and demand. Buying shares will increase the Price by 0.00000001 ETH per bought share. The price decreases by the same amount when shares are sold.

What are the 10% buy and sell fees on shares for?

Every time shares are bought or sold, a percentage of the fee from the bought/sold shares will be divided under the current shareholders (Dividends).

When can I sell my shares?

The share system is also managed by an immutable smart contract, this means you can buy or sell shares 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is no third party. You connect directly to the smart contract to buy and sell shares.

How will I earn by holding shares?

Each time the P2P escrow smart contract makes and exchange the 1% buyer fee is taken and distributed directly to shareholders in Ethereum. Half of the fee is added to the global share price, this will create a rising price floor for the share price. The other half of the fee will be distributed as dividends to shareholders that can be withdrawn without fee.

Note* Share value can rise and fall based on supply and demand.


I have a question that wasn't answered.

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